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creating a better world through vision and servant leadership

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Our Vision is our Passion

Our vision is ... creating a better new world through vision and servant leadership. We do this:

  • by helping our clients develop their own optimum vision

  • by inspiring our client's team to get behind their vision

  • by making cooperation and collaboration the cornerstones of business practice

  • by removing the fears and limitations which act as barriers to their vision

  • by helping senior managers understand that the most successful leaders see themselves first as servants - to their customers and to their employees.

A world filled with such businesses would truly be infinitely better; it would be productive and profitable; it would be focused on service to our customers.  It would benefit all and harm none. It would be a truly better world for all - a new world.

Our Focus Makes Us Effective

Our focus is: the construction industry (in all its professional and field components) and professional trade associations.

When you retain our services:

  • you get over 35 years' of experience in your industry

  • you don't get generic or general business advice that misses the mark

  • you do get practical solutions to the unique problems of our industry

  • you do get ideas and strategies which work in our own business culture

Contact Information

Business hours are from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central Time, Monday through Friday. Please leave your name, telephone number, and any length message on voice mail if we cannot answer your call in person. Your calls and e-mail messages will be returned within one business day, unless otherwise indicated on the voice mail message.

  • Direct Voice and Message
  • 602-980-2571
    Postal address
    P.O. Box 187, Shawano, Wisconsin 54166
    Electronic mail
    All Information: gary@greatvisions.com

    Professional Fees, Expenses, and Terms

    Fees: All consulting work is billed at a rate of $300/hour. Proposals are provided upon request. In most cases, there is no charge for preparation time preceding training or facilitation work.  Public speeches for conventions and events are $2500, inclusive of all preparation time and delivery.  Coaching and Counseling support is billed at $100 per half hour, with special package pricing available.

    Expenses: Handout materials are included in the fee charges unless otherwise agreed. Travel expense  is billed at actual cost. There is no charge for travel time. Travel and accomodations be business class.

    Terms: No retainer is required. Unless otherwise arranged, services delivered within one billing period are billed upon completion and are due on a Net 10 basis. Services which are longer term will be billed monthly for services delivered-to-date and are due on a Net 10 Basis.

    Clients and References

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    Send e-mail to gary@greatvisions.com with questions or comments about this web site.

    Great Visions Privacy Policy

    All inquiries and transactions, whether handled via the internet, over the phone, or in person are held in strict confidence.  No information, electronic or otherwise, is ever shared with a third party without your explicit and prior consent.


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